Interested in bringing the Shatterproof Family Program to your community?

The Shatterproof Family Program Facilitator Training is a 3-day training to prepare you to lead a family support program in your community.


What is the purpose of training & certification?

Formal training by Shatterproof is required to ensure the Family Program model is understood and closely followed. Fidelity to the model is necessary to consistently deliver scientifically backed information nationwide. The training also provides examples of how to model the Shatterproof mission, values, and core beliefs to the participants.

What are the facilitator responsibilities?

What we do:

Educate and empower friends and family members of those with an addiction.

Use the Shatterproof curriculum to facilitate active conversations.

Model a supportive, open, and non-judgmental environment.

Link together families who are struggling to find knowledge, hope, and understanding.

Help participants understand that healing is a process.

What we don't do:

Diagnose or teach how to diagnose

Give direct treatment referrals

Lecture or dominate the session

Profess to have all the answers or solutions to the problem

Promise any quick solutions.

What are some topics covered during the training?

How to recruit participants in your community

How to deliver the 12-session curriculum in a supportive manner

Group facilitation skills and strategies

Role play of Shatterproof session curriculum

Understanding the current Family Models in dealing with the disease of addiction

Use of technology for information delivery and communication

What is your commitment?

Commit to one year facilitating two 12-session series of the Family Program.  Cycles may be delivered twice/week, weekly, or at any interval determined by the facilitators.

Conduct structured sessions while encouraging engagement from all participants

Follow thoroughly the program model, materials, and content provided.

Oversee all program logistics including meeting space acquisition, creating a session calendar, and marketing and media outreach following Shatterproof guidelines to recruit family participants

Manage Program evaluations

The program will have two types of facilitators, a clinician and a peer. These facilitators will work together to co-lead sessions. The facilitators must apply individually, Shatterproof can match interested persons from each category.

Clinicians who have worked in the field of treatment or recovery for substance use disorders and would like to expand their skills and support families in this program.

Parents or family members who have lived experience with substance use disorder/s and are able to positively share those experiences and help others.

Our carefully developed administrative guide provides program facilitators with all the templates needed for marketing and understanding the framework of the program including cost and expenses.

Next training:

January 23, 25-26, 2019

Darien, Connecticut

Program costs include:

Certification to be a Shatterproof Family Program Facilitator

2-day in-person intensive training + 1-day hosted web-ex administrative training

All training materials and program templates for distribution and program marketing

Access to website portal including facilitator and participant materials

Ongoing program and technical assistance

An orientation to the participant on-boarding process

Training cost per attendee: $2,500

+ cost for transportation and lodging

Discounts available for host sites or community organization sending multiple participants.

Payment guidelines are provided when your application is accepted. Payment is NOT required at the time of application but IS required to reserve your spot in a training session.